Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Stars, Hearts and Flower Power

Made from 100% butter, these delicious cookies are too good to resist.
Hurry Hurry ! Get some today to impress your friends !

1) Choose a shape

2) Select your color and design

3) Name your quantity

4) Confirm the pricing

5) Pick Up (we need at least a minimum of 5 days in advance)

6) Enjoy !

Take A Pet Home

Love to have a pet but you don't have the time to play or take them out for a walk ? No worries ! Just take one or hundreds home with you and you'll never be alone.

In fact, friends will drop by more often to want to care of your 'pets'.

1) Choose your 'pet'
2) Pick a color
3) State your quantity
4) Confirm the pricing
5) When you need it (at least 5 days in advance upon confirmation)
6) Bring them home
7) Enjoy them ! :)

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