Saturday, January 30, 2010

Busy Busy CNY

Everyone is seen running around everywhere either shopping for new clothes, buying new deco items for their houses, doing spring cleaning or busy buying cookies to stock up or to be given away during CNY family/friends visiting. And it is indeed the most busiest time for everyone !
In the midst of running around, do remember to drink lots of water in these scorching weather - another sign of CNY around the corner. :)
Do drop by our place at either 1U or Tropicana City Mall to try our samples or take down your orders and/or give us your feedback as well. See you !
Kuih Loyang/Honeycombs

London Almond

Kuih Kapit/Love Letters

Fried Lotus Root Chips

Lucky Tangerine with peanut fillings

Monday, January 18, 2010


Yes, you heard it right !
Here are the details :

Date - 23rd & 24th January 2010 (Saturday & Sunday)
Venue - Play N Learn, 1U Shopping Centre & Tropicana City Mall
Time - 10am to 6pm

Try out these delicious Chinese New Year cookies on us.
* Beehive/Rose with Sesame
* Love Letters
* Arrowroot (nga koo)
* Peanut Cookie
* Chocolate Chips with Almond Bits
* Butter cookie
* Almond cookie
* White Almond cookie
* Japanese Plum (with peanut fillings)
* Lucky Tangerine
* London Almond

Don't miss out this opportunity !

Love Bites

It's a brand new year and we hope it has been a good for you so far.

This year starts off with a big bang with us celebrating Chinese New Year together with Valentine's Day. What is the odd of that happening !

These itty bitty cookies are so cute. It comes in 2 sizes - roughly the size of 20cents coin and 50cents coin.

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