About Me

Hi ... My name is Sue. 

I started off my career in the corporate world (well…  almost everyone I know started  in corporate world back then) and I was not an exception. Loved the work, the stress and the happenings that a young woman would take in. As I come into the next phase in my life – a wife and a mother subsequently, my priorities in life have changed towards my kids (though they drives me crazy at times) and family. Wanting to be there for my kids was ultimately the most important thing in my life.

I said goodbye to my job and hello… baking. I would never have thought I would be a baker. The ideal baker for me was my mother. She could tackle anything and everything & would make it so delicious and yummy and effortlessly, all at the same time. She was my Jamie Oliver and Nigella, rolled into one.

I took classes and practise practise practise. Whoever said, “Practise makes perfect”, was not joking. Having the right ingredients, the right temperature, the right equipment is so important.

As time goes by, more and more were interested in my creation. I decided to start a small business, catering to just friends & families. And later on, friends of friends and so on. It became so big that I could not handle the baking in my small little kitchen anymore.

And now, Cookie Box has 4 outlets with one serving as the main kitchen. With a bigger kitchen, I can happily experiment and create more and more. So from time to time, you’ll see new things available which I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do. 
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